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“Become More Effective in Helping More People By Becoming a Certified Mentor.”

​However, our industry is Not State or Government Regulated and that becomes a problem because it allows many unprofessional people to go out under the title of “Expert or Coach” and sell inferior products at outrages prices that produce no results for the consumer. For this reason becoming a Board Certified Mentor is not only important but mandatory if you desire to create a 7 figure income from this field long term.

The 7 Benefits of Being a Certified Mentor

  1. Credibility:  Your board certification gives the marketplace a reason to pay you higher fees.  Our 1 Year Mentorship Program is twelve thousand dollars and we have no problem getting these fees because of our credibility factor of who we are associated with. Buying decisions are always based on the “Credibility Factor”.  Being Board Certified is your ticket of endorsement.

  2. Positioning:   As a certified Mentor you set yourself apart from every other coach and position yourself to capture a large portion of the 21 Million Dollar Industry of people who are looking for leadership.

  3. Association:    By becoming a Certified Mentor who are associating with the top international leaders and bestselling authors like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and many other top renowned experts.

  4. Accountability:    This becomes a key factor to help you stay on track and not get lost in an industry that is not State Regulated and rules by self imposed standards.  

  5. Training and Support:  As a Certified Mentor you have 12 months of support from our staff to assist you with building your practice and make the most of your Mentorship career.  

  6. Advanced Tools:  We are going to give you the tools you will need to help you build your Mentorship program and show you how to market it at a high end price tag. 

  7. Published Author: We also publish you in our Power of Mentorship book series with bestselling authors and teach you how to use that as the most powerful marketing tool in the 21st Century. 


Our curriculum material is derived from some of the top international leaders like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Vic Johnson, Marie Diamond and 15 other top business leaders and experts.  Certification is a 30 day process that is broken down in 4 weekly modules.

  • Week One:     Book, Audio and DVD      
  • Week Two:     Book, Audio and DVD        
  • Week Three:  Book: Audio and DVD        
  • Week Four:    Book: Audio and DVD  
  • Week Five:     Certification Test: 50 question (open book) multiple choice test that must have a 90 percent or higher score rate.

Once your test is compete with passing score your Board Certified Certificate will be shipped to you via UPS overnight delivery. 


Your package will contain all your books, audios and DVD’s of all four modules.  Please do each week’s lesson before moving on to the next module. 

  Cost of the Mentorship Certification $1000.00 


While there are many great Certified Coaching programs available we are the only Mentorship Certification program on the market today with a curriculum from top renowned business leaders like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Marie Diamond, Vic Johnson, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and Jim Rohn just to name a few.

Let me start off by explaining the difference between a Mentor and Coach.  Although most people use Mentor and Coach interchangeable they play completely different roles.

A Coach can stand on the side lines and shout out to you instructions and information but they cannot enter the game to help and assist you.

A Mentor on the other hand actually gets in the game with you, becomes a team player and partner in your success and together as a team will lead you across the finish line of your dreams.

Coaching is about guidance, counsel and advice whereas Mentorship is about Relationship and Partnership. Just like any professional field, the highest income earners who are those who are Board Certified and becoming a Board Certified Mentor allows you to instantly raise your program fees.

The Self Help Industryis a 21 Billion Dollar Annual Income and much of that wealth flows into the hands of Mentors and Coaches.  It is one of the most lucrative and rewarding fields a professional could enter into. .

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